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AHCI-Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie 2013's

Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie 
Nemo Captain Second Watch of the Nemo Series is Completed

今年度獨立製錶大師Thomas Prescher推出繼去年同Nemo系列的旗艦錶款Nemo Captain,這是一枚由Thomas Prescher所自己開發的三軸式陀飛輪錶款,今年度此款材質由過去Nemo入門款的銅合金材質錶殼改為18KRG,搭配著鈀金製做而成的錶盤,整體之氣勢又將愛錶人帶入了海底二萬哩那個故事情節裡,Nemo船長手上的配戴錶款;從44mm的錶殼可以看到,錶盤上由凸形水晶玻璃包袱著三軸式飛行式陀飛輪,為此,製錶師在陀飛輪固定在一個特殊的設計結構來吸收衝擊,同時錶盤上是以跳躍的小時和分鐘,來做為時間的指示;每一個錶殼或是任何機芯上的細節,都是由製錶師本人親手完成,我們更可將它當為是一只藝術品來看,相信許多的愛錶人都會為此感到驚奇!!若是對於腕錶也任何問題,歡迎你提出討論...謝謝.

About AHCI - Thomas Prescher

Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is specializing in very high-end complicated timepieces they are manufacturing art for men’s and women’s wrist.
Thomas Prescher wants to connect art and craftsmanship for the wrist with his individual watches. It is said that he is the one who makes the impossible possible. Nearly all his handmade pieces of art are unique pieces for fulfilling the clients wishes.

Handmade watches including complicated multi-axis tourbillons, retrograde time sculptures, perpetual calendar with central indication, developments for others. Fewer than 20 watches per year.

Thomas Prescher Haute Horlogerie is a Label of Thomas Prescher Uhren GmbH an independent watch manufacture, founded in 2002 by Thomas Prescher the inventor of the first flying Triple Axis Tourbillon wristwatch with constant force in the carriage.

This Company is known for hand- and tailormade luxury sculptures of time. Watches of Thomas Prescher are created for watchconnoisseurs all over the world. Owners have their unique and personal Thomas Prescher watch.

Following the special wishes of the customer every watch is manufactured by hand using the noblest materials. No later than the Baselworld in 2003 the watches of Thomas Prescher belong to the top in luxury watches.

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