2013年2月21日 星期四




RJ - ROMAIN JEROME 品牌的總裁CEO Manuel Emx這次與現代鐘錶設計大師 Eric Giroud 及複雜機芯結構設計大師Jean-Marc Wiederrecht一起合作的新作品;很多人看到此錶都會有此一種錯覺,是否像去年MB&F推出的HM5,是的,確實它們造型概念上是有雷同之處,不過,運作的原理是大大的不同,首先MB&F是來自於古典跑車的設計為主題,而RJ它們則是以太空艇的主題來走;它們都是使用自動上鍊的機芯系統,MB&F利用光學折射的原理將時,分的數字盤折射顯示於90度的水晶視窗上;RJ這次所利用的也有相同的概念,但它所利用的是跳時錶的系統將"報時"置於90度的閱讀視窗上,且是以刻度來辨識,那麼分鐘在哪裡呢?這只腕錶的正背面(上)有一個視窗同時也以碟形數字盤來作為分鐘的指示,故在技術上可能說,它是比MB&F來的複雜許多,雖然它們都是以"高科技"為基礎的製錶藝術;這樣的腕錶,有人很喜歡,同時有人則是覺得不愛,雖然,我本人不獨愛高科技產品,但對於某些頂層人士來說,這是一枚腕上的"裝置藝術"玩具,從一般傳統製錶概念來看,這麼高科技的製錶成本,看來是相對的高價,我只能說,不可能拿一只PP或是AHCI獨立品牌作品來比擬,因為這是獨立品牌它們的優勢,自由的商業創作也是它們得天獨厚的利基,你是否同意呢?

RJ-Romain Jerome unveils its first pilot’s watch: the Spacecraft. Stemming from the joint endeavours of Manuel Emch, Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, this new timepiece features a complication with its own discreet charm, combined with a pure, restrained design. Space pilots of the world, prepare for lift-off! The Spacecraft will carry you off on an intergalactic mission to explore uncharted territories…

In taking up this challenge, Manuel Emch, CEO of RJ-Romain Jerome, chose to associate with two of the top names in the watch industry: Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The three men pooled their ideas and their creativity to give rise to a unique timepiece they named Spacecraft. Right from the first sketches, Manuel Emch and Eric Giroud imagined a very different type of product, combining retro-futuristic aesthetics and horological complexity. “The design evolved in step with our discussions and our numerous exchanges. That is what makes it such a singular object”, explains Eric Giroud. An unusual trapeze-shaped model featuring a black PVD-coated titanium case, the Spacecraft both surprises and intrigues. Its rectilinear profile and its facetted surface echo the aesthetic of spacecraft. A black rotating disc with a red indicator transferred on the sapphire crystal indicates the minutes on the top of the case, while the linear hour display is read off laterally, thereby giving time a whole new dimension.

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